What is Event Lightning

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Event Lightning is a unified software program that helps you manage your events by customizing the logistics for your clients, team, event staff and vendors. It gives the quickest access to information when it is needed the most, on any phone or device! Event Lightning is powered by GigBase Pro’s apps for custom event planning.

Store your vendor, venue, contractor, and over all event information in one place and have it available anywhere, anytime on your computer, mobile devices, or your smart phone. We have made it possible for you to do business as fast as lightning by streamlining the process. Say goodbye to your desktop busy-work and hello to your new organized technology with Event Lighting. This is the best set of free apps for your small business.

Our software and apps offer expert event coordination:

Event Planning, Event Coordination, and Vendor Coordination

  • Full Communication with all Vendors and Staff
  • Instant Access to Vendor and Staff Contact Info

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